Aro Valley Community Centre

PBJ Construction took on the exciting task of upgrading the Aro Valley Community Centre as the Main Contractor for the Wellington City Council.


Wellington City Council


Aro Valley Community Centre


Completed early 2023


We began by lifting the entire building and relocating it to its new position, setting the stage for a full-scale refurbishment. We faced unexpected challenges along the way, including hidden fire damage and oversized spans that required a complete overhaul of the roof structure.

Undeterred, our skilled team tackled these obstacles head-on, ensuring the safety and integrity of the building. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we transformed the centre into an inviting space that the community and iwi can now fully enjoy. From enhanced amenities to modernised facilities, the Aro Valley Community Centre upgrade showcases our dedication to creating spaces that bring people together.

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“The project delivery was well planned and well communicated throughout and excellent back office admin and support; problems were dealt with promptly and proactively and they could be trusted to proceed with their initiative and not require detailed project management. I will recommend PBJ for future construction projects”.

Brent Thomas, Senior Project Manager, Stellar Projects

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